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FBI Eavesdropping Outside Courthouse

by Whitney Lonker 26. July 2016 16:36

Image result for eavesdroppingU.S District Chief Judge Phyllis Hamilton out of Oakland California has ruled that the use of recording devices on citizens outside of the courthouse by the FBI does not violate their Fourth Amendment rights because there was no expectation of privacy on the courthouse steps or nearby areas.  These conversations were in normal speaking voices and some of them were even in elevated tones due to construction nearby which the judge asserts that it shows the conversations were not private and there was no effort to conceal what was said.   In her opinion of the case she said that while the “court recognizes why the defendants would feel uneasy about the recording of often very personal conversations outside of the courthouse, it is unrealistic that anyone believe that having a conversation in a public place like that can be private due to the large number of video cameras on street corners and in the hands of any person with a smart phone.” So if you are having a private conversation with someone make sure that you are in a private place as well.  If you have any questions about this or any other legal questions please contact us at 904-868-5665! 


Mississippi Discrimination Law Halted

by Whitney Lonker 8. July 2016 10:18

Image result for Mississippi court house with flagU.S District Court Judge Carlton Reeves blocked a Mississippi Law which would protect people who discriminate against gay couples based on religious beliefs.  It was turned down, in part, because it was said that it violates the establishment clause because it promotes certain religious views over others.  The equal protection clause was also cited as a reason to turn down the law because the law would clearly discriminate against the LGBT community.  The law would allow businesses to refuse service to people in these communities and would allow court clerks in Mississippi to refuse marriage licenses to Gay couples as long as those documents could be acquired from a different state office.  Mississippi has a long history of discrimination issues and this proposed law would likely increase that stigma even further. 


Tell us your thoughts on the topic and if you, or anyone you know, has any legal questions or needs legal representation call us at 904-868-5665! 


Decision Regarding Children in Illegal Immigration Cases

by Whitney Lonker 8. July 2016 10:03

Image result for border fenceThe 9th District Court of Appeals out of San Francisco has ruled that children who are found with their parents while attempting to illegally enter the country must be returned to relatives.  This is actually based on a 1997 ruling and the new opinion applies the ruling not only to unaccompanied children, as it was previously, but to any children found during this illegal act.  There is scrutiny around the opinion saying that it is still unfair because it separates children and parents. What are your thoughts on the topic? 

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