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Prenuptial Agreements

by Whitney Lonker 23. June 2016 17:13

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Prenuptial Agreements, or Prenups, have a bad reputation in society today though in many situations they can prove very useful.  They can be used, as many first think of, to protect yourself in the event of a divorce by choosing to specify what money and assets are shared in the marriage or are personal. Prenups can be especially useful in situations where one or both spouses have children from another marriage, and if one has debts which they don’t want to pass on to their spouse once they are married, or for marriages where one or both spouses own a business and need to clarify things for taxes and other documentation issues that may arise.  They can also work similar to a will upon death by protecting the spouse from any debts you may have incurred and don’t want to pass on to them or by protecting children that you had before the marriage. There are a variety of situations when a prenup can be very helpful to you and your entire family!


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